Mission Statement
Wings provides creative academic, enrichment, and physical/wellness activities to all children and their families within the WSSU

Who We Serve
Twin Valley Elementary School
Twin Valley Middle High School
Southern Valley Unified School @Halifax  
Southern Valley Unified School @ Readsboro
Vision Statement
Wings will actively engage students in experiences to help them be successful in school and in life as they grow into productive adults.

Wings is proud to collaborate with...
Thank you to ALL of our private donors, the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club, JM Smith Foundation, Mt Snow Employee fund and the towns of Wilmington, Whitingham, Readsboro & Halifax for your support!

WSWSU FAMILIES- What can WE do to help your child?
Remote learners, Virtual learners or In person learning- we are here to help you by providing wellness, academic and enrichment opportunities in all  safe engaging formats! 
Tell us what we can do to help your family!

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