Mission Statement
Wings provides creative academic, enrichment, and physical/wellness activities to all children and their families within the WSSU

Who We Serve
Twin Valley Elementary School
Twin Valley Middle High School
Southern Valley Unified School @Halifax  
Southern Valley Unified School @ Readsboro
Vision Statement
Wings will actively engage students in experiences to help them be successful in school and in life as they grow into productive adults.

Wings is proud to collaborate with...
Thank you to ALL of our private donors, the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club, JM Smith Foundation, Mt Snow Employee fund and the towns of Wilmington, Whitingham, Readsboro & Halifax for your support!
New Activity!!! Mail a letter to Gramma & Grandpa Maple. Hike in from the Primitive Trail in Wilmington and look for the yellow & blue mailbox hanging in the woods. Just beyond you will see them. The shortest route is from the trailhead at the bottom of Whites Road, it’s only about a mile, but pretty steep. They can also be reached by walking in from West Lake, but that is a longer trip. Bring a letter with your questions or pen and paper to leave a note once you’ve had a chance to visit. If you include a return address, they will probably write you back! Or just a name & a town and the letter will be delivered to your town library!
An introduction from Sticki!
Gramma and Grampa Maple.
I’ve known these two wonderful trees for about 40 years. I saw them just off the trail and knew I wanted to visit them often. Now, every time I walk by I call out, “Hello, Gramma! Hello, Grampa!” They were old when I met them and even though they have lost a few branches they still stand tall, overlooking their forest home. I don’t know how old they are but I think they are well over 100 years old, maybe even 200 years old.
Grampa, especially, loves it when kids climb up on his “lap” and hang from his branches or when kids crawl into his hiding place. They both love kids and adults visiting them out in the woods.
Just think of what they’ve seen since they were saplings - how Vermont and their woods have changed during their lifetime. They get to watch animals walk by and birds fly to perch on their branches. What kinds of animals and birds do you think they see?
If you write them a letter and ask them questions they may just answer you. Or, tell them what you like about them. Were you able to climb up? Tell them about what you like about being in the woods. Do you have a special tree that you’ve found? I bet they’d love to hear about it.
I hope you enjoy spending time with these great trees and I hope you write them a letter.